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Full Job Description – SALES CLOSER


This position is full-time and virtual, meaning you can work from anywhere. The team here at EcomStores.com is global and is located across the UK, USA, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Philippines, and India.

We operate Monday – Friday, and the working hours (40-hour work week) for this role are as close as possible to standard US time zone office hours.

About the company

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to join a successful and rapidly growing business, on a mission to be the best. Having experienced success over the past 24 months, we are now ready to begin scaling and building on what we have achieved so far.

We operate in the e-commerce space and are the industry leader specializing in the buying and selling of aged Amazon Stores. We’ve already successfully concluded over a thousand transactions since we began, and we’re only just getting started! We’re on a mission to build a $100m company over the next 3-5 years. 

We run effective marketing campaigns to generate customer leads with the aim of converting them into successful sales. Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to launch and grow their own successful online businesses.

This is where you come in…

Role (Overview of the Position)

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to join a successful and rapidly growing business, on a mission to be the best. Having experienced success over the past 24 months, we are now ready to begin scaling and building on what we have achieved so far.

We are seeking a skilled, highly driven, commercially minded Sales Closer with exceptional experience in the e-commerce business environment, to take ownership of our incoming sales lead funnel, and help drive our leads into converted sales deals.

We’re offering an attractive compensation package, underpinned by significant investment of resources into our marketing funnels, to ensure that our sales leads are at a high level of quality, and quantity.

If this is you, please read on ….

You’re an experienced e-commerce sales professional with a proven track record of success in high-growth environments. You’ll be described by those who know you as being someone who is an excellent communicator and sales champion, who is also hard working, disciplined, resourceful, commercial, business minded, and target driven.

This is an exceptional opportunity for an energized and talented sales achiever who is hungry to take the next big steps in their career journey and join a business where they can spread their wings, apply their skills and experience to contribute significantly (and simultaneously learn loads too in an exciting industry), and ultimately have a clear, achievable path to earn fantastic compensation and progress their career.

Responsibilities (Tasks Associated with the Role)

  • Lead Conversion: Manage and prioritize sales leads that are generated through our marketing campaigns, ensuring prompt and effective follow-up to maximize conversion rates.
  • Consultative Selling: Follow our processes, and schedule and carry out calls to conduct in-depth consultations with potential customers to understand their needs, business goals, and budget constraints.
  • Sales Process Management: Develop and maintain a strong understanding of our sales process, ensuring the consistent ability to efficiently navigate through various stages, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for all our customers.
  • Sales pitches: Working alongside our executive team, and within our Sales Playbook and Framework, drive activities to build out tailored templates for sales pitches to our customers.
  • Relationship Building: Establish and nurture long-term relationships with potential customers, including ongoing communication and regular follow-ups. Continually provide exceptional customer sales service to enhance our reputation and drive customer satisfaction.
  • Product Knowledge: Maintain a deep understanding of our product offerings, features, benefits, and pricing structures, ensuring the ability to effectively communicate and sell our e-commerce stores.
  • Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and market developments to identify potential opportunities and provide insights to enhance our marketing and sales strategies.
  • Sales Reporting and Analysis: Maintain accurate records of sales activities, customer interactions and deal progress using our CRM system. Generate regular reports to track personal and team performance and identify areas for improvement.

Results Expected

  • Targets: Achieve and exceed minimum threshold monthly sales targets (either in terms of targeted volumes of store unit sales or targeted sales revenues generated).
  • Service: Provide the highest possible level of customer service, achieving consistently excellent CSAT (across all clients interacted with, including those who did not purchase from us in the end).
  • Sales Processes: Diligently and relentlessly follow our SOP guidelines for sales and make suggestions for enhancements and improving efficiencies.
  • Information and Reporting: Carry out all required sales administrative and reporting preparation and reporting, to a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Meetings and Alignment: Prepare for, and carry out, regular internal sales update meetings, including daily updates, and providing key metrics and precise numbers regarding sales pipelines, leads, performance and projections.
  • Company Values: In all activities, always reflect our Company Core Values.
  • Show the Way: Pursue a level of mastery / knowledge of all sales processes, and lead by example, always maintaining an exceptional work ethic and level of professional performance.


  • Experience: You possess at least 5 years of experience in key sales closer (or similar) roles, ideally within the e-commerce space.
  • Strong sales skills: You have exceptional negotiation, persuasion, and closing abilities. Ability to nurture leads, identify and address customer objections to successfully close deals.
  • Results driven mindset: You have high standards and possess a strong work ethic. You’re self-driven and motivated with the ability to relentlessly chase targets and achieve them.
  • Naturally entrepreneurial: with a passionate, energized outlook and approach in your general day to day.
  • Exceptional “customer-centric” approach and skill set: with natural flair to build real, long-lasting professional relationships and meaningful connection. Genuine passion for understanding customer needs and a proactive attitude towards offering solutions to help customers achieve their business goals.
  • Excellent communication skills: (in English) You’re an expert-level communicator via Zoom and telephone calls, as well as written comms. Ability to articulate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, both verbally and in writing. Active listening skills to understand customer pain points and tailor solutions accordingly.
  • Genuine all-round team player: who is collaborative, humble and approachable, with a love of learning and improvement.
  • An innovative thinker: with the ability to identify high-impact strategies, convert these into actionable plans, and then implement them to drive positive results.
  • Excellent project management skills: and the ability to stay organized in high-pressure situations while managing multiple tasks from start to finish.
  • Data-led: Astute at surfacing key trends and insights, to help enable planning and key decision-making.
  • Highly organized and “formulaic”: proactive in your approach to daily sales activities, strictly following agreed Sales SOP’s to enhance your success prospects. You’re always completely on top of your numbers, metrics, targets, and your performance. Consistently reliable and punctual always.
  • Technologically proficient and resourced: Proficient with CRM software and other sales-related tools. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word). Must have high-speed, reliable internet and computer.

This is a pivotal role in our business with massive scope for career progression, not to mention an ultra-cool work environment and team, who love what they do, and are good at it!

We would love to hear from you if you feel you are a fit. 


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