10 Steps to Set Up a New Amazon Seller Account in 2023

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up a new Amazon Seller Central Account to start selling on Amazon successfully.


An Amazon account is a user profile that allows individuals or businesses to buy and sell products on Amazon’s online marketplace. Log in with credentials if you already have an Amazon account. If not, follow the directions on the page to set up a new Amazon account.

Visit Amazon Seller Central

Open your web browser on your computer device. Enter the URL for Amazon Seller Central in your browser’s address bar: sellercentral.amazon.com. You should notice a “Register now” option on the Amazon Seller Central homepage. Click that button to begin the registration process.

Firm Information

Submit all relevant information about your firm, such as the company name, address, contact information, and payment information. This information is used to verify the legitimacy of sellers and ensure compliance with Amazon’s selling policies.

Product Category

Choose the product categories in which you want to sell. Specific rules or limits may apply to different groups. As a result, ensure that your products adhere to Amazon’s policies

Identity Verification

To confirm the legitimacy of your business, Amazon may need identity verification. This procedure may necessitate the submission of personal information as well as supporting documentation

Configure shipping and returns

You improve seller performance metrics by properly configuring shipping alternatives and return policies. Offering affordable shipping costs, reliable delivery times, and a friendly return policy can increase customer satisfaction, which translates into higher ratings and more sales.


Start generating product listings for the things you want to sell. Include product titles, descriptions, images, and pricing information that is clear and accurate.


Effective inventory management entails regularly monitoring stock levels and updating product availability. Proper inventory management ensures a smooth customer experience, reduces the chance of running out of stock, and assists merchants in maximizing their sales potential on Amazon.

Optimize Product Listings

To optimize product listings on Amazon, use high-quality images, compelling titles, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords. Focus on customer benefits and features. Utilize backend search terms wisely, follow Amazon guidelines, and monitor performance metrics. Well-optimized listings enhance visibility, search rankings, and attract more potential buyers.

Comply with policies

Read Amazon seller policies and guidelines, such as customer service, forbidden items, and performance metrics. Maintaining compliance will assist you in retaining a great sales experience.

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