8 Reasons Why Your Amazon Seller Account Failed Verification

Below are some common reasons for failed verification of your Amazon seller account. While this list is not exhaustive, and individual situations may vary, it can provide some insights. For a better understanding of your specific case, we recommend contacting Amazon seller support.


Failing to provide accurate and complete personal or business information during the verification process can lead to a failed verification.


Uploading expired credentials or incomplete company registration documents, or providing documents that do not meet Amazon’s requirements, can result in failed verification.

Multiple Seller Accounts:

Amazon’s policy allows only one seller account per person or company. Trying to create multiple accounts using the same information may lead to failed verification.

Restricted product categories:

Certain product categories on Amazon require additional verification steps, such as health and wellness products or regulated items. Failure to provide the necessary documentation for these categories can result in failed verification.

Suspicious account activity:

Unusual or suspicious account activity, such as sudden changes in bidding behavior, high response rates, or an increase in customer complaints may cause the verification process to fail.

Amazon Violations:

A history of violating Amazon’s policies, such as selling counterfeit or prohibited products, engaging in fraudulent practices, or violating intellectual property rights, can result in failed account verification.


Having low customer ratings, high order error rates, or excessive cancellation rates in your seller metrics can hinder the verification process.

Restricted Countries or Regions:

Amazon has restrictions on merchant accounts in certain countries or regions. If your country or region is restricted, your account verification may fail.

Remember, this list serves as a general guide, and it’s best to consult with Amazon seller support for specific details regarding your account verification failure.

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